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- L. Morrow, MD

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Services: Consultation

Staging will make your home stand above the rest

Before you put your home on the market, take advantage of a short consultation by our stagers. The results of this brief but intense review of your home can create the best possible showing condition for the home. We take approximately two hours to evaluate your home and provide written report of recommendations. The cost is $95.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. We will consolidate our recommendations for both interior and exterior areas of your home to help you maximize its’ sales potential. This small fee is money well spent, with a many fold return at the sale.

The report will prioritize the things we recommend to be accomplished, and will allow you to complete the various tasks yourself if you so choose. To every extent possible we will incorporate your furnishings and accessories in our report.

Should you require additional furnishings to complete the stagings, we can make available many of the necessary items through our warehouse. To expedite any or all of the changes, we can offer an estimate to complete all or part of the project.

Selling your home is a very big event. We strongly recommend you invest a small amount to have a trained and experienced stager help you make your home look desirable to buyers. Take advantage of this very inexpensive service by a staging specialist to realize greater rewards in your sale price.

View our portfolio to see some examples of how we stage for success!


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