"I was amazed at the transformation that you gave my listing. I had been trying to sell it for months! Phyllis and Henry Graham professionally staged it and it sold right away. They have a warehouse full of beautiful rugs, furnishings and accessories that can bring a home alive. Phyllis knows just how to place each item to enhance the best features of your listing. I highly recommend Phyllis."

- Rita Fleming-Johnson

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Phyllis Graham

Phyllis Graham

Phyllis has been in the real estate industry her entire life, having grown up with a builder father, she became a North Carolina real estate broker decades ago. Phyllis has maintained a strong presence in residential real estate in Charlotte, first in home sales then in the relocation industry.

Phyllis was instrumental in developing and directing a premier in-house relocation program for what was then NCNB and is now Bank of America. She was responsible for officer relocations thru out the US and abroad. Her expertise and attention to detail was reflected in the economical and quick home sales that brought her national recognition in the relocation industry.

Phyllis is now using her talents in the staging industry. She and her husband have built the largest staging company in Charlotte. Phyllis is recognized for delivering high quality service that results in successful home sales.

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